May 2008
by Sally Nemeth
Directed by Angela Astle
The Spoon Theater
38 West 38th Street, 5th Floor, New York City

Stage Manager:  Larry Pease
Set and Graphics Designers:  Jack and Rebecca Cunningham
Costume Designer:  Kathryn Squitieri
Lighting Designer:  Kerrie Lovercheck
Sound Designer:  Amy Altadonna
Property Designer:  Heather Cunningham
Press Representative:  Judd Hollander, Bunch of People Press and PR
Photographer:  Kristen Vaughan

Featuring: Mark Armstrong, Heather E. Cunningham, Cliff Jéan, Lauren Kelston, Jim Kilkenny, Mike Mihm, Aimiende Negbenebor, Elise Rovinsky, Kristen Vaughan

"Retro Productions does a fine job of bringing small town America to life.... There are many things working in their favor. The entire cast is solid, with standout performances by Mark Armstrong as Bo and Kristen Vaughan as his alcoholic, long suffering wife Sunny. The set design by Jack and Rebecca Cunningham uses the space efficiently with a keen eye for detail, and Kathryn Squitieri's costumes evoke the era perfectly... I felt pulled into the story by the talent of the cast... Kudos to Lauren Kelston for walking such a fine line with a very difficult part." - Peter Schuyler,

"A lyrical chorus of three widows aids the time shifts, as does the sound design by Amy Altadonna, which includes realistic hospital noises. [Kelston] brings affecting emotional power. Armstrong conveys just the right amount of likeability and helplessness as a company man whose loyalties are shifting. Vaughan's Sunny is particularly strong as she alternates between tipsy anger and pleading wifeliness. Jim Kilkenny gives a quiet and compelling portrayal as both a minister and an OSHA investigator. Kathryn Squitieri's costumes and Heather E. Cunningham's props are evocative, down to the black square frames on Kilkenny's eyeglasses. Director Angela Astle keeps the play moving to a point of catharsis." - Gwen Orel, Backstage

"Astle has a keen eye for casting, as all the actors were refreshingly powerful and astute in their portrayals. Lauren Kelston as Marlene attacks the play with strength and zest; Mark Armstrong delivered a still virtue to his character and graced all situations with momentum and honesty. High praises to Kristen Vaughan, who handled Sunny’s alcoholism with compassion, and showed us the many layers of loneliness while alongside others. Jack and Rebecca Cunningham did an exquisite job at turning the Spoon Theatre into an appropriate 70’s setting. The costumes by Kathryn Squitieri also gave this world the finished effect of a “retro production.”" - Antonio Miniňo, The Fab Marquee

New York Magazine "Off-off Broadway Pick" May 19, 2008

NOMINATED FOR FIVE NEW YORK INNOVATIVE THEATRE AWARDS:  Outstanding Set Design - Jack and Rebecca Cunningham, Outstanding Lighting Design - Kerrie Lovercheck, Outstanding Sound Design - Amy Altadonna, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role - Lauren Kelston, and Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role - Kristen Vaughan