May 2011
by Norman Krasna
Directed by Richard Roland**
The Spoon Theater
38 West 38th Street, 5th Floor, New York City

Set Designer:  Jeff Stander
Costume Designer:  Viviane Galloway
Military Costume Designer:  Jeannette Aultz
Lighting Designer:  Jacqueline Reid
Sound Designer:  Jeanne Travis 
Property Designer:  Heather E. Cunningham and Cassie Dorland
Stage Manager:  Ricardo Rust*
Press Representative:  Lanie Zipoy

Photographer:  Kristen Vaughan

Featuring: Becky Byers, Heather E. Cunningham, Shay Gines, Douglas B. Giorgis*, Joe Mathers, David Sedgwick*, Alisha Spielmann, Matilda Szydagis*, and Matthew Trumbull*

"A great comedy can, and will, stand the test of time.  Shakespearian audiences still roar with laughter just as much as they did when the Bard premiered his classics long ago.  I Love Lucy still brings genuine, heartfelt laughs to its proceedings.  And it’s a pleasure to say that Norman Krasna’s 1944 play Dear Ruth still rings true in its clever and funny dialogue.  It’s an old fashioned comedy, but the humor still stands.  It’s like looking into a time capsule of a very funny moment of our parent’s lives...
Dear Ruth has a mixture of that classic comedy and zaniness that is often left out of modern day comedy so it both feels refreshing and new to experience the screwball pace of this classic...Dear Ruth does not disappoint.  Even after all these years.  Strong acting, fast paced funny dialogue, and an old fashioned humor rarely employed today.  A really strong revival from Retro Productions and they fully commit to the era." - Mateo Moreno, Big Vision Empty Wallet

 "DEAR RUTH by Norman Krasna is one of the most charming comedy productions I've seen in a long time. So charming, so intimate, you are right in their living room and everything works. The entire cast is terrific and it zips along. If you can get to see it, please do." - HI DRAMA