November-December 2015
GOOD BOYS AND TRUE by Roberto Aguirre-Secasa

Directed by DeLisa M. White
at the Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street, New York City

Stage Manager:  Elizabeth Ramsay
Set Designers: Jack and Rebecca Cunningham
Costume Designer: Kathryn Squitieri
Sound Designer: DeLisa White
Properties Designer:  Sara Slagle
Lighting Designer:  Asa Lipton
Press Representative:  Alton PR and Production
Photographer:  Connolly Photo NYC

Featuring:  C.K. Allen, Stephan Amenta, Heather E. Cunningham*, Rebecca Gray Davis, Ryan Pater* and Moira Stone*.

*Appeared courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

"Retro Productions is an exceptionally talented theatre company dedicated to the presentation of “good theatrical stories that have an historical perspective - with an emphasis on the 20th century.”  Since 2005, it has staged eighteen full length plays to considerable acclaim, including terrific revivals of Michael Frayn’s Benefactors in 2010 and George S. Kaufman’s The Butter and Egg Man earlier this year.  Now in its eleventh season it is reviving Good Boys and True by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa at the Gene Frankel Theatre on Bond Street in lower Manhattan, an excellent production that can only further enhance Retro’s well-earned reputation.." - Alan Miller, A Seat on the Aisle

"The two boys, Brandon and Justin struggle with their secret relationship and at times their characters are conflicted and unsure of themselves which, after all, is what growing up gay often feels like. All of this becomes a minor sub-plot to the real drama which is Elizabeth Hardy (played by Heather E. Cunningham), who plays Brandon’s mother and is perfectly brilliant in the role.  ...Cheryl Moody (played by Rebecca Gray Davis) who was a delight to watch and she was both thoughtful and whimsical in her approach.  ...at its core it's a good story made even better by the fantastic acting and stage direction." - Raymond Helkio, The Reading Salon

"This revival fits into important social discussions that are relevant today...DeLisa White does well with bringing the important topics brought up in Good Boys and True to life...  Tackling the dilemma of multiple locations in a play is always a tough one for directors and set designers. DeLisa M. White and Jack and Rebecca Cunningham are on point with their creation for this revival. The mood evoked from each section of the scenery is that of its individual space, as well as being a part of the cohesive ambiance. One step up is the area designated as the Hardy's living room. Beyond that is the locker room, with the coach's office placed upstage center, at the heart of everything." - Shoshana Roberts, Theatre is Easy

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