​​A New Play by Christie Perfetti Williams
Directed by Sara Thigpen

It’s July 3, 1956 and the jockettes of WHER, America’s first all-girl radio station in Memphis, Tennessee, are having one hell of a day; the copywriter has run off to elope, they have just found out that the Elvis Presley is coming to the station to be interviewed on-air, and their star DJ Bettye has shown up… in pants. When Elvis’ record promoter arrives and is none other than Bettye’s former flame Benjamin, sarcastic zingers fly, sisterhoods are forged, and secrets are exposed.

The Gene Frankel Theatre - 24 Bond Street, NY, NY
May 3-18, 2024

"The accomplished cast provides legitimately laugh-out-loud moments as well as generates some genuine pathos from their characters' entangled pasts and futures.. the performances keep the audience laughing with and rooting for these characters from the first moment to the last. Who needs the (future) King when you have the Jockettes?" -- Thinking Theater NYC 

"An entertaining return to the era of Elvis...All the actors inhabit vivid characters with skill...Cunningham in the eponymous role holds the play together with a combination of warmth and strength...Sara Thigpen’s direction allows them and Perfetti Williams’ words to glow and reveal details of plot and character in natural, conversational rhythms...Viviane Galloway’s period-perfect costumes.” -- Theater Scene

"Go see this play...Playwright Christie Perfetti Williams amazes with yet another work...Fans of Retro Productions know they have quite a knack for fresh dramatization...Sara Thigpen, who has directed for Retro Productions in the past, shows us the great joy found in a time when so many things were new. Viviane Galloway’s costumes delight with loud colors and energized horn-rim glasses. By rocking the color pink, Lauren Barber’s set radiates strength and safety. Robert A.K. Gonyo’s sound design makes me feel like I am inside a radio station." -- Theatre Is Easy

"The cast were fantastic: Lauren Barber’s set and Viviane Galloway’s costumes really put us back to a 1956 radio station." -- Hi! Drama

The charming Bettye and the Jockettes Spinning Records at the Holiday Inn is a fictional story about an all-female radio station sprinkled with bits of actual history...An extremely well-chosen cast exquisitely portrays the delightfully quirky array of characters that inhabit the play...The show is full of lovely nostalgia and generous doses of humor. It is also heartwarming and full of great family vibes. All in all, it's pure joy.” -- Says She Says Mom Blog

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