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We will be back with live theater in the Fall of 2022.

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Announcing our 2022 production!

ON THE VERGE (or the Geography of Yearning)

by Eric Overmyer

​Directed by Sara Thigpen

On the Verge (or The Geography of Yearning) by Eric Overmyer is a whimsical and funny look at how mores, language, and technology changed over the first half of the 20th Century.  It is the fantastical journey of three lady explorers from 1888 who, while traveling in Terra Incognita, find themselves traversing time, and end up in 1955 America.  Along the way they meet strange and wondrous characters, learn slang, experience artifacts from the future, and debate the appropriateness of a lady wearing pants.  “A frolicsome jaunt through a continuum of space, time, history, geography, feminism, and fashion, Mr. Overmyer’s cavalcade is on the verge of becoming a thoroughly serendipitous theatrical journey.” - Mel Gulssow, The New York Times, February 10, 1985.

The Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street, NY, NY
September 9-24, 2022

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